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    News — New product

    Preparing to launch!

    Preparing to launch!

    Hello, hello!

    It has been an incredible year of researching, designing, learning, and collaborating, as I developed a new line of children’s costumes: Snickerdoos! After lots of hard work, these magical, wearable costumes are almost ready to hit the market.

    I can’t wait to share our monthly blog and newsletter, which will explore all the wonderful benefits of dress up, provide play-based resources, and keep you informed on all the latest news from Snickerdoos!

    So, where do I begin? The inspiration? Snickerdoos all began with my daughter, Louise.  

    Have you ever witnessed a child’s pure joy and excitement when they use their imagination? Or how thrilled they are when they learn something new and are able to show off that knowledge? Louise’s uninhibited zeal for dress-up sent me on a mission to improve what was in her costume drawer.  

    I hope to make dress-up as comfortable and sensory-friendly as it is fun! I understand that children have different sensitivities, and we kept this in mind during the design process. We eliminated all tags, scratchiness, and glitter from our costumes, and manufactured them only with the softest materials. I want every Snickerdoos child to find our costumes as comfortable and wearable as their everyday clothing!

    What makes Snickerdoos unique is our desire to encourage a child’s learning and development through dress up.

    Doctors, Dinosaurs, and Tigers, oh my! We design characters that encourage children to learn, think, and find meaning in the world around them. In costume, children have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, and practice using the words they already know: Pass the stethoscope! Through role-play, children are able to give these words context  by acting out scenarios that use them. Suddenly, check-ups can feel playful! The cognitive and emotional benefits of dress up go far beyond the fun.

    My goal is simple, but important: to support and inspire the children wearing our costumes.

    We will also give costumes and the opportunity for dress up to children in need through an organization called Beverly’s Birthdays. Learn more about them on Social Mission page our website!

    When Snickerdoos launches in just a couple of days, we will continue to learn and adapt in every way possible to benefit you and the children in your life! I would love to hear your feedback, questions, and suggestions to help me create the best possible experience for the Snickerdoos kids.

    Thank you so much for your time in reading this and going on this journey with me!