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    Dress-up encourages children to think big, get creative, and find their inner superhero! But many options aren’t durable or comfortable enough for daily wear. That’s where Snickerdoos comes in. We bring you the softest, highest-quality, most wearable children’s pretend play outfits out there, made in the USA for everyday play. We believe that every child is unique, and learn tremendously through the freedom of play!

    Why I Founded Snickerdoos

    Motherhood afforded me the special opportunity to peer into the magical world of children, and witness the amazingly simple things that bring them joy! My children, like many others, loved to dress up. My daughter insisted on wearing costumes every day when she returned home from school, and her younger brother insisted on participating in everything that she did!  

    While I wanted to encourage their imagination, I was faced with a problem:

    The only children’s costumes I could find were overpriced, made from synthetic and scratchy materials, and intended for one time Halloween use. So I set out to create wearable imaginative clothing, made from natural materials that last.

    Snickerdoos brings comfort and quality to your child’s creative play.

    With a bright and colorful palette, and clean and simple aesthetic, we are on a mission to make dress-up and play effortless and accessible.


    Thank you SO much for your interest in Snickerdoos! I would love to hear from you! 

    -Natalie Parker Smith