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    Open, print, cut, and color! Tell the tail of Snickerdoos' Friendly Tiger! 

    Click the three links below: Snickerdoos Finger Puppets, Instructions, and Finger Puppet Story to begin Tiger's journey!

    Finger Puppets

    Step by Instructions

    My Tiger Story

    Open, print, cut, and color! Step into character with Tiger Masks! 

    Click the link below: Snickerdoos Tiger Mask for a interactive, tail wagging, rawring good time! 

    Tiger Mask

    Open, print, cut, and play! This is one of our favorite sensory activities--animal walks! Bring the zoo to you! This activity is great for little ones to use their imaginations and practice their gross motor skills!

    Snickerdoos Animal Walk link below for the fun to begin! Waddle like a Penguin, Crawl like a Tiger, Stand like a Flamingo...

    Animal Walks

    Who doesn't love puppet! Let your child use their imagination to tell a story! 

    Click link below to begin the adventure!

    Paper Bag Puppet

    Tea party is the perfect rainy day activity! It involves planning and executing! Where will the tea party take place? Who is invited? What do we need? 

    Click link below for a printable Checklist + Menu! 

    Tea Party