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    News — Comfortable Halloween Costume

    Do you know the history of Halloween?

    Do you know the history of Halloween?

    Halloween began around 2000 years ago as an ancient Celtic festival named Samhain. Samhain was the division of the year between the lighter half known as summer and the darker half known as winter. The Celts believed it was at this exact time the division between this world and the otherworld was at its thinnest, allowing spirits to pass through. To ward off those ghosts and spirits, they would light bonfires and wear frightful costumes. Centuries later this night would be known as All Hallows Eve, and soon “Halloween”.

    With this history of bonfires, returning spirits and frightful costumes, it is no wonder this time of year can be scary for small children, who are still figuring this world out. 

    Why is everything so scary? Is it real? Are you still you when you have a costume on?

    This is a great time to talk it out, explain whats going on, what to expect and maybe avoid the Halloween aisle at Walgreens. 

    If you child is comfortable with the concept of Halloween but the itchy costumes, you can use comfortable basics or even your child’s everyday clothes to make sensory friendly costumes. Pajamas are a great place to start or visit our website for our selection of soft, wearable, Snickerdoos costumes.